Archaeoastronomy of the Maya. Observers of the Universe

The most accurate story is the one that is written down, fixed by contemporaries, that’s why scientists give special attention to ancient letters. For thousands of years, mankind accumulated its knowledge, explored the world around, generalized the meaning of life and transmitted practical experience from generation to generation. For the purpose of fixing his thoughts, he needed to find a way of storing information that would make it possible for her to continue using descendants. To accomplish this goal is possible only with the help of a certain system of conventional signs – writing. Mayan writing is considered the most perfect system of fixing human thoughts and knowledge on the American continent before the European conquest. Thanks to the successes in its decoding, we became aware of the names of the actors in the history of the Maya, the names of cities and states, and descriptions of the great events of antiquity. The process of deciphering the Maya writing is still far from over, and every discovery of a new landmark is considered a great and important event in the scientific community.

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