In “Giselle”, the main romantic ballet of the world, the theatrical stage has not been left for almost two hundred years, many large co-authors. The German legend about the girls who did not live up to the wedding was handed to Heinrich Heine. In the creation of the libretto for the ballet, according to this legend, Theophilus Gautier participated, the music was written by Adolphe Adan, the first edition was composed by Jean Coralli and Jules Perrot, later many large and well-known choreographers the play, leaving, however, its main line unchanged. Within the framework of the season, the ballet is shown in one of the two editions going on the stage of the Bolshoi Theater – in the editorial office of Yuri Grigorovich. Bonus for the fans of the great classical ballet will be the performers of the main parties – one of the best Giselle of the world – Svetlana Zakharova, in the party of frivolous beloved Giselle, Count Albert, the rebellious and incredible Sergei Polunin.

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