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Mavka. The Forest Song

Endless Ukrainian forests have long hidden many secrets and mysteries. Here, among the centuries-old trees, there live unusual mythical creatures that guard their secret world.

Mavka is the Soul of the Forest. Its main vocation is to protect the Forest and its Heart, the source of life itself, from all encroachments, including from people.

Lukash is an ordinary rural guy who loves music and puts his talent into the game on the pipe. In many ways, thanks to this music, a miracle happens: Mavka and Lukash meet and fall in love with each other.

Their union is almost impossible, but there are even more obstacles when the greedy and powerful Kilina appears in the village. Not far from the Forest, it erects a sawmill, which is just a cover for its true purpose – to get to the Heart of the Forest. Kilina knows that the key to him is Mavka, in whose heart love has already settled, making her vulnerable. To use Mavka, Kilina chooses his enamored Lukas and the villagers, whose souls are filled with anger and fear. Will Mavka and Lukasch protect their feelings? Will Mavka save the Forest and his love? Will each of the lovers make the right choice?

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